How to Ease an Anxious Mind

From the blog Mindfulness and Psychotherapy there are 7 way to ease an anxious mind.

I found this blog super helpful being someone who deals with anxiety daily. It can be very hard to deal with sometimes and can affect your life. Anxiety affects your life in not only major ways but sometimes in smalls ways that still hinder the way you go about regular everyday tasks.

This blog explained that you do not need to act out your anxiety but instead try to calm it.

The 7 steps to calming your anxiety seem relatively simple, here is a general outline on the major ways to ease your anxiety.

You need to slow down. By slowing down you will lower your heart rate and your body will have a moment to catch up on relaxation.

You focus on your senses to be brought back into the moment. This helps you also relax and to get in touch with the moment of time you are in.

Have a reality check. Wonder to yourself if it is worth getting worked up over, will it affect you in the next hour, day, week, or year?

Realize the critic, we are our hardest judges. Sometimes we expect ourselves to do too much or exceed unrealistic expectations.

Most importantly, know what makes you anxious. By knowing what makes you anxious, you are better able to avoid getting yourself into the uncomfortable and painful position.
“7 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind.” Psych N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2017



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