We’re not all dumb, maybe it’s just you.

If you’ve lived on the Earth for twenty one years as a blonde, you’re probably all too familiar with the dozens of hair color fueled stereotypes you’ve been labeled as. There’s the dumb blondes, the ditzy blondes, the perky blondes, but what happened to the smart blondes? There’s plenty of well educated honey kissed and strawberry blonde ladies fighting the stereotypes one hair flip at a time. Sure maybe some blondes, including myself, at some point in time have fallen guilty to comitting a blonde moment or two, but the Grumpy Blonde is tired of spending hundreds of dollars a hair appointment to only be perceived as a whole lot of nothing hidden under well conditioned blonde locks.

I, the Grumpy Blonde, am making this blog a virtual meeting ground for all blondes who also feel personally victimized by the dumb blonde stereotype. I’m going to address and question the ideas of others for once, and I’m coming after you brunettes! And while I’m only half joking about the brunette part, I truly want to explore and talk about ideas and content pumped from online media sources about self growth and personal awareness.

Join me, blonde or not, on a journey of understanding and accepting the real person we are on the inside despite the labels society have given each of us.